The Best Weight Loss Diets For Women

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How To Lose Weight at Home

I have been one of the millions of women who tried to shed extra pounds and achieve the ideal body shape by following the latest weight loss program. It’s so easy to get caught up with all the flash marketing and impressive statements, many of which usually end up in disappointment when the products we buy fail to bring about the anticipated and much expected results. Literally billions of our hard earned dollars are spent on health products and supplements and new ones keep springing up all the time. So it’s no surprise that we are more confused about what to eat and what not to eat than ever before.

Healthy meal plans

If like me, you have carried out research on the best weight loss diet plans for women, you’ll also have been bombarded with information overload – how do you choose the right diet program from the hundreds of different weight loss plans and systems out there? They all promise big results with the best tips, advice and the easy ways to get slim, it feels like gambling our time, money and our sanity.

So on this site, I have included reviews of the best plans to lose weight I have found based on my key diet goals.

My Top 5 Diet Goals

I wanted to achieve 5 things…

  1. To shed a lot of pounds and burn belly fat and body fat                                                                                        exercise tips
  2. To drop a couple of dress sizes
  3. To transform my body and feel wow, not just look a little less dumpy
  4. To feel more energetic
  5. To understand how to eat healthy


My 10 requirements in a weight loss plan

I also thought, if I am paying for a weight loss program, it must pass my 10 requirements…

  1. It must be a natural, healthy, fast program.
  2. A diet plan that lets me eat the foods I love (within reason of course).
  3. A realistic plan – I have a busy life so it needs to fit my schedule.
  4. Flexibility – I have social events. I want to be able to ‘cheat’ a few times without a huge guilt trip.
  5. A program that has been put together by a real qualified person in the health industry.
  6. To actually lose weight with proven results!
  7. To have good healthy nutritional advice .
  8. Variety – I can’t eat the same old meals day after day.
  9. No going to the gym if I don’t want to.
  10. Support. I want to talk to other women who are feeling the same.

What I didn’t want…

  • I was sick of plans that got in the way of my life.
  • I didn’t want my boss and clients at work to know I was on a diet and client dinners meant I had to be able to cheat sometimes.
  • I am a busy person and didn’t want to waste my time and effort anymore with fad, crash diets created by people who didn’t know what they were talking about.
  • I prefer to exercise at home as my time is precious so wanted something simple and uncomplicated.
  • I wanted a plan that didn’t break my bank account or my grocery budget.
  • I wanted to know how to lose weight at home.

So that was my list of requirements. If I am going to pay to lose weight it has to be worth it and live up to my needs. My list was a fairly tall order but it’s 2015 so why can’t I have it all?!

Did I find a system that ticked my list? Surprisingly YES, I found it all in the Venus Factor