Venus Factor Reviews of the Best Diet System For Women

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Many women struggle to lose weight, trying one diet plan after another or taking the latest high priced weight loss supplements and diet pills only to find disappointing results. Each product appears to be better than the last, promising you a fantastic figure and a great new you.

Unfortunately although many do help you lose a few pounds, the end results are greatly lacking from what was originally promised. Yet the search for a lasting and effective weight loss program continues, draining your financial resources and netting yet another disappointment.

This is reason many of these diet programs fail. Granted, companies that supply the supplements and plans do not intend their products to have poor results but they usually fail because they are all cookie cutter plans that profess success for either gender.

  • To achieve lasting and truly effective weight loss you need a program tailored to your physique and personal metabolism.
  • You need a program for women only, a program that targets your own body style and fat burning capability.

Introducing the Venus System For Women


Fat Burning Diet

The Venus Factor promises rapid weight loss and actually does give lasting results. Even better, this program does NOT deprive you of the foods you love.

  • You can still enjoy fast foods such as pizza, burgers, fried foods and so on – in moderation of course!
  • The system does not require counting every single calorie you take in a day!

The venus factor system has gained popularity both nationally and internationally. The fact that the program has received numerous positive reviews may seem like a bunch of PR hype and raise more questions than answers. So, does this program work?

After thorough research and analysis, I can confidently say that the program does indeed work, and as a result, all the buzz it has created in the diet and health industry is justified.

It consists of a 12-week program designed especially for women of all ages. It addresses each woman’s individual needs. The program was created by John Barban, a well-known fitness and nutrition expert.

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How to Increase Leptin

The key to this program is based around the hormone leptin, a hormone that regulates your appetite and metabolism. Women carry more of this hormone than men. Unfortunately, women also have higher levels of leptin resistance.

Due to the female body being less responsive to this hormone, fat tends to accumulate in the common problem areas that are notorious for packing those extra pounds: hips, buttocks and belly.

Moreover, as women starve and limit caloric intake, leptin levels tend to decrease twice as quickly as they do in men. This can contribute to additional weight gain or the dreaded weight loss plateau.

  • The Venus system reverses the problems in leptin’s behavior and makes it work for you by teaching you how to eat and exercise right.

As a result, you will lose weight.

A really important point to highlight is that Leptin levels are different for each person’s genetic pool, this is why celebrity diets, fad diets and other acclaimed diet supplements fall short of their proclamations.


The Venus diet system takes into account each woman’s metabolism as well as the body’s leptin levels to create a diet plan that is specifically unique for her as an individual. With this system it is not uncommon for a woman to drop several dress sizes in just a few short weeks. Extensive research has been utilized regarding this system to insure its safety and to guarantee its effectiveness.

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  • It has a fat loss diet guide that gives you important information on the food nutritional strategies that help you lose weight in just 12 weeks.
  • It also teaches you the foods you need to stay away from so as to lose weight effectively.
  • The workout manual contains details of the 12-week workout program to reshape your body.
  • You also gain access to the Virtual Nutritionist application which helps you determine your exact calorie and protein requirements based on your body measurements.
  • The program also includes an online support community which is fantastic resource where you interact with other women who are going through the same program. You can share experiences, counsel, support and learn from each other.

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One big advantage of the Venus Factor diet plan is that it is designed solely for women.

Due to the fact that men’s and women’s bodies react differently to diet and workout programs, the system focuses on the female body, making it more effective than other diet programs that are not gender-sensitive.

The program provides detailed instructions that are easy to understand. The virtual nutritionist helps you choose the exact foods that will work best for your weight loss regime.

Fantastic plus points to highlight:

  • The plan does not have restrictive diets
  • It gives you the freedom to eat what you want provided you eat the right amount.
  • It also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

There are also plenty of genuine testimonials that show real results which was really important for me.

So overall, this is the best plan which has everything you need to succeed and enjoy a positive, healthy outcome and enjoy long term weight loss without struggling. Perfect!

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Understandably there will be those and there are many, who may be considering the system and find themselves skeptical, wondering does this program work? I felt the same way after years of countless products promising my success and satisfaction while getting neither.

After performing my own research however, I was so glad I found this amazing system and decided to buy the venus factor to give it a try. I can assure you that this system truly does what it says.

And you have nothing to lose with the 60 day money back guarantee!